New Class Times for the Summer!

Group Fitness

Group training is fun, interactive and effective.  Classes are varied to keep you challenged and will burn intense calories while strengthening your body to the core.  Check one out today!


Designed for the early riser or ever-awake, this class is only offered at the crack of dawn.  Start off your day with body challenges and drills emphasizing strength, cardio and endurance while burning lots of calories.  


Dissenting from workout norms, this high energy class is always changing up.  Training that deserts all preconceptions about traditional exercise, focuses on muscle confusion, functional movements, strength training and cardio combined – sure to never bore and always be effective.


Got 30 minutes? For those looking to stuff it in and get it done, this class is offered weekdays from 12:15pm - 12:45pm.  Cardio, core and strength conditioning are combined in a way to efficiently see results.


Designed for all fitness levels using barbell strength equipment for primary resistance, this class focuses on strengthening all of the major muscle groups while incorporating cardio fitness.

This workout is a definite crowd pleaser!


Insane workouts with insane results!  This class is designed for athletes (and beginners who want to become athletes or just look like one).  Licensed by Shaun T., it’s an insanely tough, muscle – searing, crazy, gut-wrenching, killer workout – the hardest workout you’ll ever love.

R.A.W. – Resist After Work

Resist temptation, resist sitting in traffic, resist the drive-thru on the way home, resist the bar scene, resist wasting your time, and definitely resist staying an extra hour at work.  Offered at convenient hours after work, this class is worth the extra resistance.  Group training that combines weight resistance with cardio endurance and core exercises will keep you motivated and fit.